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myShortlist is an online career orientation platform for graduates and working professionals who want to make the most of their talents. It guides you through your entire job search, from discovering what you want till landing your dream job. You’ll learn about your strengths, interests and career drivers, and receive a shortlist of possible job functions and working environments that naturally fit your profile. 

Do I belong in a start-up or in a large, established company?

What we stand for

myShortlist offers independent, evidence-based career advice and coaching modules, based on skills, competences, personality and job preferences. We also partner with universities, colleges and student unions offering a wide range of high-quality services.

Get to know yourself
Get to know yourself

How well do you know yourself? What sparks your interest? Which working environments do you identify with? Based on five questionnaires, you’ll learn about your strengths, interests and job preferences. Our scientifically validated algorithm translates your results into possible job functions and company cultures that naturally fit your profile.

Become a master job hunter
Become a master job hunter

How do you write a convincing CV? How can social networks, such as LinkedIn, help build your professional career? And how to prepare for that dreaded first job interview? myShortlist helps you out. You'll feel confident to enter the application process with a great CV, killer LinkedIn profile page and the necessary skills to convince your future employer.

Get a great job
Get a great job

And it gets even better. Your mindmap provides a useful compass during your job search. You can even choose to be contacted by our partners, such as Crossbridge, who will match your profile with concrete job opportunities and introduce you to your future employer. 

 “I certainly recognize myself in my myShortlist outcome. I think it’s great that you are for instance asked for the type of position that you prefer in a team.”

Vincent Walgrave
Master student Ophthalmology - KU Leuven

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