• an innovative career coaching  platform that helps determine your ideal job & working environment

  • a comprehensive career guide that offers hands-on tips & tricks 

  • an efficient guide to land your dream job

  • an opportunity to get introduced to companies and jobs that match your unique profile.


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Do I belong in a start-up or in a large, established company?


Discover yourself

It all starts with a journey to discover your true self and the world around you! After all, before you can find the job of your dreams, you first need to know what those dreams are.​

Using 5 scientifically approved questionnaires, you will discover your:

  • core strengths

  • natural talents interests

  • skills

  • career & company drivers

Get personalized output:

  • a list of jobs that suit you, as well as key tasks that you may perform in this job

  • ideal type of company and working environment

Company culture myShortlist


Build your brand

A strong personal brand makes all the difference! Increase your credibility and improve your chances of success by being authentic and staying close to yourself. Discover how you can effectively:

  • create a strong elevator pitch

  • design the perfect CV

  • build and maintain a professional network on LinkedIn

Tips & tricks myShortlist


Get the job

Take action and put all gained insights into practice to land the job of your dreams. Receive tips & tricks to smoothly complete all steps of the job application process:


  • sending your application letter

  • (telephone) interviews

  • online tests

  • assessment days

  • contract negotiations



Get introduced to companies

& jobs

Once you completed the myShortlist tests, you can indicate if you want to add your profile to our partners’ talent pool.


How does it work? Your personal myShortlist output provides a clear view of job functions and company cultures that match your profile. Our partners will contact you when there is a match between your unique profile and an open opportunity at one of their customers.


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Personal coaching

On top of that, you can opt for our premium package, which includes a face-to-face career coaching session with one of our expert coaches who will provide:

  • assistance to create an action plan

  • feedback on your interview skills

  • personal tips & tricks for a succesful job search

Personl coaching

 “I certainly recognize myself in my myShortlist outcome. I think it’s great that you are for instance asked for the type of position that you prefer in a team.”

Vincent Walgrave
Master student Ophthalmology - KU Leuven

In co-creation with

KU Leuen

myShortlist is created together with Prof. Dr. Eva Kyndt of the research unit for Occupational and Organisational Psychology and Professional Learning​

myShortlist is created together with and developed by Panenco, a knowledge center for all-things-digital. They love to bring new initiatives to life in a lean, iterative way, aligning various stakeholders.


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